“American Horror Story” Themed Wedding Is Spot On Fantastic.

There's no way I'm thinking about my wedding theme this early.  I'm not going to plan for something that may never happen.  That's just not me.  But when I / if I ever meet that special someone, I am sure something might click, like it did for these two men and their love for American Horror Story. Michael Scola and Jordan Rodarte “AHS”-themed wedding is one to see.

When you think of wedding themes, your mind probably drifts to things like flowers, a night under the stars, or the beach. You’re probably not thinking of American Horror Story, but one couple sure was. Michael Scola and Jordan Rodarte just recently tied the knot, and instead of going with some boring (but still totally okay!) traditional theme, they instead went all out with an American Horror Story themed wedding. And we’re so sad we weren’t invited.

Judging from the pictures on social media, it appears as if every last detail was themed to some aspect of American Horror Story, mainly Season 5’s Hotel. The two even held their wedding at L.A.’s Oviatt Penthouse, which was actually used for the exterior shots of AHS: Hotel (and looking at the pictures of inside the hotel, yes we are getting major Hotel Cortez vibes). – HelloGiggles.com




Filmed and Edited by Stevie Teran



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Yes, you are seeing correctly. That is Naomi Grossman, the actress from AHS  who was in both Asylum and Freak Show.  Now she can add the role of ring bearer to her list.




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h/t:  photos from the wedding venue were done by thedarlene.com


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