American Idol Alumni David Hernandez Talks Idol and Pandemic Life

If there’s one thing that this pandemic has proved to us, it’s that the arts and the artists – are very much needed. Keep the arts alive! When the entire world was forced to abruptly stop last March due to the Coronavirus, confining humans to their homes for uncertain lengths of time – there was something that every one turned to, the arts.

Whether you binged countless hours of movies and shows on Netflix or listened to your favorite podcasts until your ears started bleeding – you turned to artist to feel a sense of relief, a sense of calm and most importantly it allowed you to escape reality, through their expression. But one of the most universal commonalities we as a global community shared, was our love of music.

So we decided to speak with a professional singer, to see what life has been like since the pandemic. Instinct is catching up with former American Idol alumni, the handsome David Hernandez – who certainly did his part in providing soulful music and live virtual performances during last years lockdown quarantine. We caught up with the fiercely gay “Boomerang” singer as he was visiting family in his native Phoenix, Arizona.


What year were you on American Idol?

David: I was on season 7 of American Idol in 2008. 


Who was your favorite judge and why?

David: I really loved Paula Abdul because she was very nurturing and caring. But I also loved Simon’s honesty off-camera bc he wasn’t the mean guy everybody came to know. He actually has a lot of expertise in the music business so I valued his opinions. 


How has the pandemic affected your music career over the last year?

David: In the beginning it was devastating because I lost all of my touring work. A lot of what I do requires human interaction and to not have that was depressing. On the other hand it opened my mind to creative ways to still make music and work. I’ve done over 45+ Livestreams, learned to produce and record in my home, and dived into working out more than I ever have in my life. All of those things improved my mental health and gave me more purpose. I guess in short, I learned to make lemonade out of lemons.


What would the David today, tell the younger version of himself that was competing live on Idol?

David: Take a deep breath, slow down, and enjoy these moments. Pick songs that you can relate to and that showcase your voice the best way possible. Ignore the negativity and always stay true to yourself. I would also say that even if you don’t win, it’s not the end of the world even though it may feel like it. You are going to go on to do great things and create incredible relationships in the music industry.  

What do you do to relax?

David: I usually have a couple glasses of wine and write music. I like alone time and space to process the craziness that is life. I think it’s always good to have downtime. 


Trunks or Speedos?

David: Both, depends on the type of party!


Sleep naked or in PJ’s?

David: Naked of course! 

What does Happiness mean to David Hernandez?

David: Happiness to me means that I am content with my decisions and authentic in my choices. It also means having a balance in life and staying productive while having a good time. 


What can we look forward to from you?

David: My live stream “Drinks with David” happens every Friday live from my new residency at the Montrose Hotel West Hollywood, at 6 PM PST/9 PM EST featuring special guests and live music.


I’m working on new music, including my upcoming single “I Love You” debuting May 2021.

Pride 2021 dates soon to be announced in select cities including my performance at Omaha Pride!



From having to overcome salacious American Idol gossip – to  personal issues with substance abuse, Hernandez has always and still continues to pour his heart and soul into his music.

To stay up to date with all things David Hernandez, be sure to follow him on all social media platforms @DHernandezMusic

Images of David Hernandez’s are from his Instagram account: dhernandezmusic

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