American Idol’s Favorite Hottie Wants You to Dance for Pride Month

Photo Credit: JCV Records

Prepare to get more Jim Verraros in your holes thanks to his pulsing, seven… remixes. I’m talking about ear holes, of course. Get your mind out of the gutter. (Or don’t…)

American Idol’s history making finalist released his second era single ‘Pyramid’ on May 10, 2024. In typical Verraros fashion, the professional thirst trapper and out artist is gifting you a bunch of new remixes in celebration of pride month. 


Every Friday, one or more remixes will drop on Spotify and all digital/streaming platforms. So, if you’re already digging the original version of ‘Pyramid,’ get ready to “go down south” again every weekend in June!

I was able to listen to the remixes before their official debuts, and I already have them in mind for special events. ‘Pyramid’ is inherently sexy, but the remixes are good tracks for a variety of occasions. 

Wilson & Smokin’ Jack Hill Remix will obviously become the club smash hit. Cahill & DTAG Remix is great for summer open road driving, cruise down the highway with Jim Verraros (a slogan…). DVSK Remix is a worthy addition to your workout playlists, so let’s get pumping together. Limit3R is another remix that may make its way onto dance/club charts. Melodic Deep Remix is just for the fans who enjoy the original ‘Pyramid’ who want another version to break up repeat listens. Dial Jess Remix sounds like the type of song you’d get stoned and vibe to. And finally, JUSTNKAYSE Remix is the perfect song to jam to while getting ready for a date. 


‘Pyramid’ is already placing in the top 30 in an unofficial alternative queer chart, but hopefully the upcoming remixes are a sign of bigger and better things to come. As you may remember, Jim’s previous single ‘Take My Bow’ made it all the way to the top 5 on the dance/club charts in The UK! He’s international, bitch.

Now… Let’s get dancing. Just kidding, I can’t dance. But I will be streaming these remixes. 

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