American Man Living in Germany Finds His Own Style While Challenging Fashion Norms

There is an old Latin proverb that states “vestis virum facit.” Translated it means “clothes make the man.” Mark Bryan is out to prove that proverb wrong and he’s doing it in style.  Bradley, 61, is an American living in Germany and works as a robotic engineer.  He has a wife and three children, and he also wears skirts and high heels every day. 


In an interview with Bored Panda, Bryan explained why he wears skirts:

“I dress like this because I can. Just to be different. I have always admired the women that wore tight skirts and heels. Not sexually, but the power they presented. I don’t dress to be sexual, but to dress like any professional woman would. To me, clothes have no gender. I prefer skirts to dresses. Dresses don’t allow me to mix the genders. I prefer a ‘masculine’ look above the waist and a non-gendered look below the waist. It’s all about clothes having no gender.”

Bryan’s Instagram account shows him confidently wearing different skirts, which show off his very attractive legs, and heels while waiting for the train, working on his Porsche, or working at his desk at home.



Bryan also detailed how he began wearing heels and skirts:

“Old girlfriend in college asked me to dance with her with us both wearing heels. We did this for more than a year. I got very good at walking and moving in heels. Throughout the years, I have worn heels off and on, but not with skirts. I just started wearing heels with skirts in the last 5 years. It was suggested that I would look a lot better in a skirt and heels than pants and heels.”

As for what his family thinks of his wardrobe, Bryan revealed:


“My wife often makes suggestions on what I should wear. My daughter wishes she could borrow my shoes at times.”

You can find Bryan on Instagram as @markbryan911 and head over to Bored Panda to read the rest of their interview with Bryan.

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1 thought on “American Man Living in Germany Finds His Own Style While Challenging Fashion Norms”

  1. He is full of contradiction in his reasoning. How can you say you don’t want to have gender identity in your clothing style yet say you dress more masculine above the waste. I understand that is a trait, but that is a trait that generally references specific gender. You are insinuating, masculine is opposite of female. yet below the waste you consider opposite of masculine non gender related. Clearly you are dressing based off gender roles- so don’t claim not be. You say are just dressing to be different, being different doesn’t have a gender or trait, regardless. Maybe you’re a transvestite and don’t want to fully admit it. (Kinda like a bisexuals that only dates the same sex. It’s easier to be bi than gay for them)
    If being different is what you want to be, be it. You don’t need anybody’s approval.


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