American Pie May Be Getting Another Sequel

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Tara Reid Leads Us To Believe American Pie Will Be Revived With The Original Cast

We’re in a strange time when nearly every nostalgic television series is getting revived and films are being rebooted with more modern casts. In the ‘90s, American Pie and its raunchy, sex-starved comedy led the franchise to having three sequels with returning casts and a spinoff film. The film made household names of Jason Biggs, Shannon Elizabeth, and Sean William Scott. Mena Suvari, Tara Reid, Natasha Lyonne, Alyson Hannigan, Eugene Levy, and the world fabulous Jennifer Coolidge also starred in the film and continued their reign as sought-after actors. Its been almost ten years since the successful pop culture phenomenon had their last sequel, but that may be changing.


According to The Daily Mail, Reid let the cat out of the bag that we’re going to be seeing a fifth consecutive American Pie film. She has been in talks with the unknown directors who are trying to align the calendars of the major stars to get planning going accordingly. While American Pie was gigantic hit, even their latest outing, 2012’s American Reunion, gained over $230M at the box office, the content of the films seems like it may not bode well in the current cancel culture climate.

Pie’s first sequel saw the main male characters goofily sexually experimenting with one another in order to prove that two neighbors weren’t lesbians, but overall the franchise banks itself on crude, fraternity boy humor, undermining the female characters as mere objects of lust, and primarily revolves around sex – and lots of it. In the ‘90s, it was groundbreaking and surreal, but now people could be up in arms. Reid acknowledged the potentially offensive nature of the films, claiming that in the ‘90s, many actors didn’t want to participate because they were afraid of the content. She, however, believes the films come from a good place and are about awkward teenagers with heart and not mean, something many comedies today feel like.


While many will be on board for a fifth film – who doesn’t want to see the slew of eye candy the movie will provide – hopefully we can get some justice for the many female characters the franchise has overlooked since 1999. Suvari’s Heather was never fully developed or remembered, Elizabeth’s foreign exchange student was almost always seen as a piece of meat to be bounced around but never loved, and Lyonne’s Jessica was always a shoulder to cry on for her straight friends and never got to explore her homosexuality.

It may be an odd time to revive the story of Biggs’ Jim Levenstein and his friends…but without a doubt, many of us will take another piece of this pie. Are you excited for another installment?

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Source: The Daily Mail

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