Americans Who Sympathize Most w/ LGBT Community Aren’t White

A new study found that black Americans are far more likely to perceive the prejudice experienced by the LGBT community than are their white counterparts.

Almost three quarters of black Americans surveyed believe gay and transgender people in the US face a lot of discrimination, according to the study titled Who Sees Discrimination? Attitudes on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Race, and Immigration Status by the Public Religion Research Institute. The nonprofit tracks trends in public opinion and for this study, researchers surveyed 40,000 people across all 50 states on their perceptions of discrimination in the US.


Another minority also saw the discrimination against LGBTers more than whites. Two thirds of Hispanics believe we experience discrimination.

White Americans were fifty/fifty on the question of "is there a lot of LGBT discrimination" existing in the nation.

Perception of discrimination was a little different when the results were tabulated in regard to age and gender. Women were more likely than men to believe that immigrants, blacks, and lesbian and gay Americans experience a lot of discrimination.  With no surprise, younger men and women were significantly more likely to understand that discrimination exists, more than their older counterparts.

Other results of the study found that white Americans were the more sympathetic group than black Americans when it came to marriage equality. White (59%), Hispanic (60%), and mixed-race Americans (59%) were in favor of same-sex marriage, while 48% of black Americans supported same-sex marriage and 41% were in opposition.

The study also went a little political in regard to marriage equality finding that 71% of Democrats and 62% independents favored same-sex marriage, where only 38% of Republicans supported the equal right.

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