America’s Wealthiest Female Musicians 2016 – Swift, Beyonce Not In The Top Three.

Who comes to mind when you say Richest Female Musician in America?  If Oprah could only sing.  Beyonce is having a phenomenal tour as we speak.  Swift is breaking up again so she's getting ready for another number one album.  Pink has to be up there right?  JLo has to be piling up the dough.  But no, only one of those made it into the top 5 of Forbes America's Wealthiest Female Musicians 2016.



The title of one of Madonna’s most popular songs is right on the money: “Material Girl.” With a personal fortune of $560 million, she’s one of the richest self-made women in the country–and claims the top spot on our first-ever list of America’s Wealthiest Female Musicians.

Though Madonna has been in show business for decades, her earnings power is as strong as ever. Her recently-wrapped Rebel Heart tour grossed $170 million, adding to her whopping career total: an estimated $1.4 billion on the road alone.

The latest cash infusion adds to a fortune already rich with royalties and the rising value of her real estate portfolio, which includes an outrageously large townhouse on Manhattan’s Upper East Side purchased at the bottom of the market, as well as a fine art collection reportedly featuring the likes of Picasso, Kahlo and Man Ray.

Her secret? ”I’m a workaholic,” she once said. “I have insomnia. And I’m a control freak.”

Celine Dion ranks second with a net worth of $380 million. Yes, she was born in Canada, but the fact that the “My Heart Will Go On” singer has made the bulk of her bucks in Las Vegas–netting some $260 million from shows there since 2003–renders her eligible for the list.

After a hiatus to care for her ailing husband (who passed away in January), Dion has resumed her performances and is scheduled to perform her thousandth show in Vegas by year’s end. She has also earned money from tours and from selling more than 220 million records worldwide.

Barbra Streisand rounds out the top three with a fortune of $370 million. She may not be wealthiest on the list, but she probably has the most extensive resume. Pick just about any award, and Streisand has won it: Oscar, Tony, Grammy, Emmy, Legion D’Honneur, Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Streisand is also the only musical act to have a No. 1 album six decades in a row, and she’s grossed hundreds of millions of dollars for her live shows over the years. Streisand lives well, too: sources say her Malibu compound, reportedly purchased for less than $20 million, could be worth nearly $100 million. –

For more of the list, Beyonce and Swift included, head on over to Forbes.   There's a little confusion between the video they posted and we shared above.  Jessica Alba appears int he video, but not on the musician's list.  It's all good. And this is not just this year's earnings, but all time earnings.

Whom have you contributed to?  I don't think I own any of their records, but the one I would love to see in performance if I could only choose one … would be Celine!

Who is your fav from the list?  Who have you seen?




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  1. Madonna is the highest on the

    Madonna is the highest on the list because of her extensive touring for her entire career. And her concerts are damn spectacular. I saw her "Drowned World" tour soon after 9/11 — not her most joyful show. I have seen her better concerts on DVD — much more energy and joy !! Never saw Celine… not a big fan. However, Barbra (love her) – lucky enough to see her 5 times. Cheap seats only — never bought a ticket over a hundred bucks — her prices are way out of my budget and many of her fans. She's my favorite all time singer…. won't be seeing her new tour in August… not coming to my area.


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