Amid Scandal, Puerto Rican Governor Expected to Resign

After more than a week of protests and demonstrations that have shaken Puerto Rico and major cities across the U.S., Puerto Rican Governor, Ricardo Rosselló is expected to resign. Many oppose Rosselló after a leak of private text messages between the governor and other officials was released a couple of weeks ago. In the messages, Rosselló used homophobic and misogynistic comments when speaking about politicians, officials, and journalists. He also made inappropriate jokes about victims of Hurricane Maria—how’s that for Boricua pride?

Twitter: Ricardo Rosselló

CNN reports that the news of Rosselló’s possible resignation comes just a day after his chief of staff, Ricardo Llerandi Cruz, has resigned effective July 31st. Cruz wrote in his resignation letter:


The last few days have been extremely difficult for everyone. At this historical juncture it is up to me to take the welfare of my family into consideration. The threats we’ve received can be tolerated as an individual, but I will never allow them to affect my home.

Thousands, including San Juan’s mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz have taken to the streets to demand Rosselló’s resignation after the heinous messages that demonstrate corruption were released.



Cruz tweeted:

This new Puerto Rico is seeing a momentous change in the relationship of its government and its people. It is up to the people-country to attend the immediate future with total responsibility and putting Puerto Rico above all.

Ricky Martin has also joined the thousands of protestors and has taken to the streets.





Martin posted a video days ago that says:



Martin says:

You are not only cynical, but you are also Machiavellian. The only thing you’ve done with that message is play with the mental health of the Puerto Ricans.

One of the exchanges in the leaked messages was regarding Ricky Martin and came from former Chief Financial Officer Christian Sobrino. According to El Nuevo Día, Sobrino wrote:


Nothing says patriarchal oppression like Ricky Martin. Ricky Martin is such a male chauvinist that he f**ks men because women don’t measure up. Pure patriarchy.

Just in March Rosselló supported the LGBTQ+ community in Puerto Rico by signing an executive order to ban conversion therapy on minors.

Rosselló said:

Love and respect should always prevail without distinction of sexual orientation, race, color or religion.


Again, amidst this scandal, Rosselló is expected to resign on Wednesday, July 24th.

Source: CNN, El Nuevo Día



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