Amuka & Grapefruit Sound Lab Have A Message For The Country: “Don’t Fall For It”

Dance floor legend Amuka teams up Grapefruit Sound Lab on their new single “Don’t Fall For It”, & this track is an inspiring anthem designed to raise us up through the troubling times we are living in by offering a message that combines strength, self-reflection and love. “When we are motivated by love and release fear, the world’s negativity will simply be absorbed into the atmosphere as excess heat and dissipate,” says the song’s writer, Robert Cotnoir of Grapefruit Sound Lab. The song is definitely a standard “club track” but it goes beyond that with elements of an industrial sound and Amuka’s signature and breathy vocals. It is the first single off of the upcoming Grapefruit Sound Lab album, Eight Days Across America.

“I see this song as a way to spread love through awareness,” Amuka continues. “Pay attention to that little voice that tells you to hesitate when something doesn’t pass the smell test. Follow your gut. Beware of false tongues. Consider things more thoroughly. We all need to wear extra armor, especially our youth, as they will be the most affected by the decisions our leaders make today.”

Amuka and Cotnoir selected “Don’t Fall For It” as the album’s first release because the aim of the single is to grab listener’s attention quickly. Cotnoir worked on two remixes for Don’t Fall For It: the Nice ‘n’ Slow Mix, and the Robert Cotnoir/Dave Godin Mix. Additional remixes coming up are by DJ Jack Chang, Chris C, Joel Dickinson, C-ROD, DJ ALAN bd, Dirty Disco, Nitemover, James Anthony and DJ/VJ Danny Morris.

Grapefruit Sound Lab and Amuka’s “Don’t Fall For It” is available on all digital retailers and streaming services.

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