An Emotional Reunion Happens for an Openly Gay Man & His Long Lost Dad

This is a story I'm delighted to write about as I'm very good friends with the subject (he's the cuter, across the pond version of myself), and am ecstatic that he was able to successfully navigate such an incredible journey.


Pearse Egan, who is a man of many talents (actor, rugger, storyteller, etc) and a coveted member of our Bears You Should Know list for 2018, participated in a show on ITV over in England called Long Lost Family

The show, which made its way here to the states a couple of years back, has been a staple on ITV for the better part of the decade. Long Lost Family aims to reunite close relatives after years of separation.

For Pearse, the person he is looking to reunite with is his father who he has not seen for many, many years. Long Lost Family helped him put the pieces together regarding his whereabouts, which found him leaving his country and going somewhere that Jay-Z and Alicia Keys sang about ten years ago in an effort to be reunited with him.

"It’s been a whirlwind few months, but life changing," Pearse told Instinct exclusively. "I feel like I’m complete. My whole life I’ve been looking for this man that’s my dad and I never really thought I’d be so lucky as to actually find and meet him. I'm so grateful."


The show airs tomorrow night at 7:30 PM local time on ITV or you can catch it on the ITV hub. Will most definitely be a tear jerker indeed.



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