An Enormous Trans Rights Banner Was Displayed at the World Series Finale, But You Didn’t See It on TV

If you watched the World Series on Sunday night, you know that the Red Sox beat the Dodgers 5-1 and claimed their fourth national title of the century.

Here’s something you didn’t see on TV though:

As reported by THR, fans in Dodgers Stadium unfurled an enormous banner in the stands reading “TRANS PEOPLE DESERVE TO LIVE” during the game.

The protest comes days after news that the Trump administration is potentially seeking to legally determine gender based on the genitalia you are born with.

The fans who unrolled the banner were located in the reserve section above the Dodgers’ dugout on the third base side.

The game was broadcast on Fox, and the banner didn’t make it to broadcast.

The big question is: how did this banner get past security? Banners, flags, etc. aren’t allowed in Dodgers stadium. Security is generally, obviously, even tighter than usual during the championships.

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