An LA Musical And Dance Performance Will Honor Gay Jazz Legend Billy Strayhorn

A gay musician and revolutionary is being recognized by a musical and dance performance.

According to Q Voice News, a performance is being held at the Redcat theatre in Lost Angeles on October 4th to the 7th.

The music and dance performance, titled “Halfway To Dawn,” will honor jazz musician Billy Strayhorn.

Strayhorn was a black, gay composer who breathed new life into the American jazz community. On top of that, he was openly gay from as early as the 1940s.

Staryhorn's musical career took an upward turn when he met Duke Ellington. After that, Strayhorn became Ellington’s musical protégé, and the two were close friends for more than 25 years.

As the Q Voice News writes:

“Between 1939 and 1967, Strayhorn created up to 40 percent of the material for the Duke Ellington Orchestra, including the band’s signature song, ‘Take the A Train,’ and ‘Lush Life.’”

Unfortunately, Strayhorn died of esophageal cancer at the age of 51. He died while being held by his lover, Bill Grove, on May 31, 1967.

Again, a musical and dance performance is being held in honor of this gay, musical legend. “Halfway To Dawn” was written, directed, and choreographed by David Roussève.

If you’re in Los Angeles during the start of October, consider going to see the show. Tickets are on sale here.

h/t: Q Voice News

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