An Ohio Senator Wants The Senate to Recognize Pride Month

Senator Sherrod Brown represents the state of Ohio and the Democratic party, and it seems that he’s also vouching for the LGBTQ community.

Brown took to twitter to plead with the Senate. He, and twenty-three other senators who were tagged in the tweets, want the entire Senate to officially recognize June as the Month of LGBTQ Pride.

This of course comes after Trump very blatantly ignored the month and the LGBTQ community during it.

But, with only two more days left in the month, will Brown’s plea be able to reach the ears of the Senate in time?

As for Brown, this isn't the first time that he has worked to support the LGBTQ community. In fact, he has a strong record of supporting equality.

“LGBT rights are human rights and civil rights, and I’m committed to ensuring that America lives up to its promise to treat all of its citizens with dignity, love and respect,” he said at the launch of an LGBT themed campaign for his re-election titled "LGBT Ohioans for Sherrod Brown."

Plus, Senator Brown has been an active advocate for passing the Equality Act which would protect LGBT people from discrimination on a federal level.

Check below to see all of his tweets to the Senate.

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