An Out, Gay Actor Co-Stars in a Box Office Hit!

Photo: Brian in an episode of Will & Grace

What’s more surprising than M3GAN‘s success at the box office is the fact that one of its co-stars, Brian Jordan Alvarez, is far from the quirky, effeminate steward we met on Will & Grace.

Alvarez had an epic career before joining Will & Grace in 2018 as Jack McFarland’s future husband, Estefan. He’s enjoyed numerous guest spots on a dozen television shows and even featured in a lengthy character arc in Jane the Virgin. And let me not forget to mention the cult web-series The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo


However, as M3GAN charges toward $50,000,000 at the worldwide box office, it’s safe to say that playing Cole in the new science fiction horror title is going to remain one of his claims to fame. 

From director Gerard Johnstone, screenwriter Akela Cooper and producers Jason Blum and James Wan, M3GAN tells the story of a young girl who loses her parents in a snowplow accident. Now living with her awkward aunt, she befriends a new artificial intelligence prototype who takes its job of safeguarding the child a little too seriously. In the film, Alvarez plays a roboticist named Cole. 


And who knew a roboticist could be so sexy? But an even bigger question remains! Does Cole make it to the end of the movie? You’ll have to see M3GAN in theaters to find out!

M3GAN also stars Amie Donald, Jenna Davis, Allison Williams, Violet McGraw and Jen Van Epps.


Considering I’ve only ever seen Alvarez in Will & Grace, watching him take on the role of Cole was a completely different experience. He’s sophisticated, intelligent, maybe a little boring and talks with a deep voice – all characteristics that Estefan Gloria does NOT possess. It was interesting to see this 35-year-old New Yorker take on such a polar opposite role. 

And what’s better? It’s invigorating to see an out, gay actor co-starring in the #2 movie in America.

Keep up the good work, Brian!

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