Ander Puig Defends Trans Role’s Backlash on “Transphobe” Love Interest

Trans actor Ander Puig is playing the role of ‘Elite’s first trans character Nico, who is introduced in Season 6.


Spoiler incoming…

However, his trans storyline received backlash because of his love interest Ari (Carla Díaz). Ari continuously makes transphobic comments around Nico, but despite that, the two of them still went on and date each other.

Understandably, many viewers did not like how Nico’s character was treated in Season 6, and here are some of their sentiments on Twitter:




In an interview with Sensa Cine, Puig addressed his character Nico’s storyline in the show explaining,

“I think it’s handled very well. They’ve done it very carefully. I’m also trans myself and I haven’t felt offended or anything like that. There are people who are like Nico and people who are not. Some will identify with him. Some won’t. Ever since I saw the script and started filming, I felt very comfortable.”

Furthermore, Nico has another love interest, Sonia (Nadia Al Saidi), who isn’t transphobic, but he ends up dating Ari instead. At the end of Season 6, however, Ari is leaving Las Encinas, and it seems like Nico will have a new love interest in the upcoming season.


Thoughts on Nico’s trans storyline and love interest in ‘Elite’s latest season?

‘Elite’ Season 6 is now available for streaming on Netflix.


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