Anderson Cooper Becomes A Daddy As Wyatt Morgan Cooper Makes His Debut

The final few moments CNN’s nightly program¬†Anderson Cooper 360 is consistently some of the most thought provoking television that many of us tune in to each and every night. Last night though, host Anderson Cooper’s last few moments on air were a little more personal. He revealed that he had become a father this past Monday. “I’m a dad” he proudly said. “I have a son-and I want you to meet him”.¬†


Wyatt Morgan Cooper was 7.2 lbs at birth and is “sweet, and soft, and healthy”. Cooper mentioned that “as a gay kid” he never thought it would be possible for him to have a child. Wyatt was born via surrogate, to whom Cooper paid particular tribute to during his announcement. He called her “remarkable”, saying it was an “extraordinary blessing which she and all surrogates give to all families that can’t have children”. He mentioned that he was “blessed” to have both she and her family in their lives.

Dear friend, fellow father, and tour companion Andy Cohen posted his congratulations on Instagram, saying “I know a friend who cannot wait to meet you” (Cohen’s son Ben & Wyatt will most likely be fast friends).¬†

Congratulations to Anderson & baby Wyatt. Follow Anderson Cooper here

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