Anderson Cooper Celebrates 55th Birthday with his Adorable Sons

Anderson Cooper is father to two beautiful boys, and he feels so blissfully happy. 

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On Friday, the CNN anchor celebrated his 55th birthday and took to Instagram to share how lucky he feels to have his two sons, Wyatt Morgan, 2, and Sebastian Luke, 3 months.

While it’s Cooper’s birthday, his sons definitely stole the show. In the first shot shows Wyatt smiling wide and giving a thumbs up while Cooper wraps his arms around him. To round out the birthday tribute, Cooper included an adorable shot of Sebastian giving the side eye while his father beams behind him.


Cooper captioned the post: “Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes. I feel so blissfully happy and lucky to have these two sweet, funny, little boys in my life.”

Both Sebastian and Wyatt were born via surrogate. In an Instagram post dated April 30, 2020, Cooper announced Sebastian’s arrival. The intro to his emotional caption read: “I want to share with you some joyful news. On Monday, I became a father.”  


In February this year, Cooper announced live on air that he and his former partner Benjamin Maisani welcomed Sebastian via surrogate.

He also revealed that Maisani is adopting Cooper’s older son Wyatt. “We’re a family. Benjamin is also in the process of adopting Wyatt, whose last name will be changed to Maisani-Cooper as well.” The pair ended their romantic relationship in 2018, but has remained close since. In fact, they still live together in order to co-parent their sons.


Both children, Cooper says, will be raised together by him and his best friend.

“Wyatt calls me ‘Daddy’ and Benjamin ‘Papa,’ ” he said.

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  1. I have several gay couples who have kids & to be honest they parent better than more than half of the straight parents I know.


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