Anderson Cooper Opens Up About Confronting His Painful Losses

Anderson Cooper recently opened up about confronting his past losses and life with his two sons whom he co-parents with ex-partner Benjamin Maisani.

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In a new interview with People, the 56-year-old CNN news correspondent shared how he’s been confronting his painful losses for the sake of his sons, Wyatt Morgan and Sebastian Luke, after pushing aside his grief for years.


TW: mentions of death and ending one’s own life

Cooper was only 10 years old when his father, author Wyatt Cooper, passed away due to a heart attack. Only 10 years had passed when his older brother Carter died at the age of 23 due to suicide. In 2019, his mother, socialite and fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt, also passed away at 95.

On his All There Is With Anderson Cooper podcast, the broadcast journalist expressed that he has been confronting his past grief because he doesn’t want his sons to see the “shadows of loss” in his eyes. He also noted that doing so has “has certainly made me feel less alone.”

Moreover, Cooper talked about his life as a co-parenting dad with ex-partner Maisani. He dated the 50-year-old nightclub owner for several years, but they eventually parted ways in 2018. Despite their breakup, the ex-couple remained friends and decided to co-parent their two sons whom they welcomed via surrogate.

(c) Instagram: @andersoncooper

“I work nights, and so he’s there at night. And we both wake up right before they wake up, get them their milk and spend the first couple of hours of the day just us with them. And Benjamin speaks French to them. I have no idea what they’re saying. I think they’re plotting against me,” Cooper shared.

He continued,

“It’s lovely to see this cycle of life and of love and how all these things sort of repeat.”

“This is the best time in my life. There is no doubt about it,” Cooper further expressed during his interview with the outlet.


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  1. I know a gay couple who co parent very well together. In fact they still love each other very much but are separated. Glad to see it’s working out well for them as well.


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