Andorra’s Prime Minister Comes Out with Heartfelt Message

Andorra’s Prime Minister Xavier Espot Zamora publicly clarified his sexual orientation, which he noted that he never hid.

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In a recent interview with Andorra Radio and Television, the 43-year-old Andorran Prime Minister simply stated:


“I’m gay. I’ve never hid it.”

“Now, if I’m not asked I don’t have to say it, in the sense that it doesn’t define the entirety of who I am and even less my personal politics. But at the same time I think it shouldn’t be a problem to express it,” he continued to explain.

Espot also shared an encouraging message for other LGBTQ+ individuals who are going through difficult times, expressing:

“If this helps many children, young people or teenagers who are going through a difficult time see that in the end, regardless of their condition or sexual orientation, you can prosper in this country and reach the highest magistracy, then I am happy to express it.”

Moreover, publicly coming out makes him the first openly LGBTQ+ premier of Andorra. Not to mention, Espot is now one of the five sitting heads of state or government who identifies with the LGBTQ+ community, as per People.


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