Andrew Garfield and “Angels In America” Are Coming Back To Broadway

Andrew Garfield / Photo by Helen Maybanks

After a successful run on the West End, Angels In America is coming back to Broadway.

The show will have its previews on February 23 and then official debut a month later on March 21. From there, they are expecting an 18-week run.

In addition, 7 members of the cast, including Andrew Garfield and Nathan Lane, will make the move across the pond as well. In fact, the only cast mate who won’t be making the switch is Russell Tovey who played Joe Pitt. The role will be recast at a later date.

If you remember, controversy spiraled around Garfield during the London run after he took part in a staged interview about the play. While Garfield expressed that he had worked hard researching and preparing for a gay role, news sites twisted his words into “I’m a gay man without the act.”

Garfield later responded by stating that his words were in fact twisted and that his intention was to respect the gay community and, most importantly, his character.

Andrew Garfield and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett / Photo by Helen Maybanks

As for his character in Angels In America, Garfield plays Prior Walter, a gay man and former drag queen living with AIDS.

The play itself, which is split up into two parts called “Millennium Approaches” and “Perestroika,” is a great depiction of the AIDS epidemic and scare during the 1980s.

In fact, the play was so celebrated for its artistic yet strikingly true portrayal of the time that it has won seven Tony Awards including Best New Play (for “Perestroika”) and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama (for “Millennium Approaches”).

The Broadway production is set to be hosted at the Neil Simon theatre, which is currently the home of the latest revival of Cats until December 30.

Since this production was only just announced, tickets cannot be pre-ordered yet, but be on the lookout as pre-orders, or at least a notification email list, should appear soon.

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