Andrew Garfield Reiterates He’s Still a Huge RuPaul’s Drag Race Fan!

Andrew Garfield came under a ton of scrutiny over the summer where he did an panel discussion and confessed to being a "gay man right now, just without the physical act." He said how the show had a profound impact on him with these controversial marks:

My only time off during rehearsals – every Sunday I would have eight friends over and we would just watch Ru. This is my life outside of this play. I am a gay man right now just without the physical act – that’s all.

He just gave an interview with Mickey Rapkin at Elle Magazine about the fallout from that experience and why to this day, he still loves RuPaul's Drag Race.

He spoke about it during the Q&A about the London revival of the show Angels in America:

Why is this the right time to revive Angels in America?

Tony [Kushner] busts this false idea that there’s any shame in loving whom you are naturally created to love. This play is doing that healing work and exposing this lie—which has been propagated by a very white, straight male, fear-based, Republican, Judeo-Christian idea—that there is anything wrong with a man loving a man. Prior gets to tell the audience, “The world only spins forward.” He’s giving voice to a new set of truths about compassion, empathy, community.

I can sense your sincerity. How did it feel when the internet turned on you?

Tricky…I mean, I really can’t speak to that. Because it felt unrelated to what was happening in the room, in that conversation, and in my life. My truth, you know? I can just focus on doing this play and keeping the conversation moving forward in a way that is about love.

In those same remarks, you mentioned loving RuPaul's Drag Race. Prove it.

It’s the best show in the history of shows! Having met [contestants] Detox and Kim Chi recently…it was really overwhelming. I kind of fell deeply in love with Detox. She’s got one of those souls that you can feel is very, very deep.

Do you think his original remark was taken out of context?


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