Andrew Gillum’s Hot “Friend” Comes Clean About That Night In Miami

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A little over one year ago in March, a scandalous headline derailed Florida’s Andrew Gillum’s ascending political career. I mean, seriously, in case you missed it, this scandal was a doozy and had a little bit of errrthang: an unconscious gay male escort in a tub who dabbles in amateur porn, a swanky Miami hotel room, drugs, booze, stained sheets, and Gillum – a presumably heterosexual father of three who at some point also went unconscious in the nude.

It was the sex scandal of the year, but Gillum attempted to dismiss the salacious story, claiming there was nothing naughty happening. He claimed he had simply been drinking all day in Miami Beach and later decided to hang out with a friend. That friend happens to be Travis Dyson, a handsome, ripped-bodied male nurse with a previous profile. 


In the aftermath, Gillum, initially told the press that he was in town for a friend’s wedding. Dyson, when asked, claimed he was unaware of any wedding while he was “hanging” with Gillum. Gillum expressed the two had known each other for a couple of months at that point, and on the evening of March 13, 2020, they met up in a room at the Mondrian in South Beach.

Most of us suspected some serious shenanigans when down in that hotel room that night. I mean, there’s coincidence, and then there’s getting caught buck-ass naked with a naked gay male escort in a hotel room.

From the beginning, I was convinced that Gillum was having some kind of sexual liaison with Dyson, which would indicate he was leading a double life. It was highly probable based on the photos that were surfacing online of Gillum fully exposed on the floor of the hotel room.


Gillum’s sexuality was left to speculation at that point, until a few months ago when he and his wife appeared on the Tamron Hall show and he admitted to being a bisexual man. His wife stood by him in this admission. I have to commend them both on their bravery and Gillum for his honesty. But there was still the mystery of what exactly happened that night in that Miami hotel room.

At the time, Dyson, and his gorgeous partner – who reportedly also had a Rentmen profile at some point, removed all their social media accounts and went off the grid. They dodged the press as the public accused the duo of being involved in a setup to bring Gillum down, maybe in conjunction with a bitter political rival? 

Something was unsettling though about the photos of Gillum that were making their rounds on the internet. Who took the pics? And Why?

Now, for the very first time, according to a report at Radaronline, Dyson has come forward to set the story straight about that infamous night in Miami. His account is quite different than Gillum’s.


Andrew Gillum’s account of events as reported by GQ:

Seemingly referring to Dyson, Gillum expressed the following,

“He offers me something to drink.… I’m not really sure, like, what it is and what’s in it because I’m already kind of [drunk].… The last memory that I have is sitting up drinking,” Gillum recalled. 

Because I didn’t take a drug test until two or three days later, I don’t know if there was something in my drink. But all I know is, I’m knocked out. At the point that I come back present, it’s like 11 at night and I’m in the bathroom,” he revealed, noting, “I don’t have any clothes on. I have no idea why. And I’m there with like five, six police officers.”


What’s in the Police Report


As reported by GQ

“police had found an incapacitated Gillum in a Miami Beach hotel room with a male sex worker, baggies that the cops suspected contained crystal meth and other narcotics, and a third man, who had called 911.”

“What I’m reading in this report is some tryst, some three people, this, that, and the third, and all of these are things that I have no recollection of. I never even met this third person,” Gillum claimed. And he further stated he never knowingly took drugs, insinuating that perhaps he had been slipped something unwittingly. If all that were true, a setup did not seem impossible

…But then Dyson spilled ALL THE (Alleged) TEA!

Dyson rejects all set up claims, saying he did not know Gillum for two months, only one or two weeks, and first met him on Grindr. They met multiple times after that for paid sex.


According to GQ, Dyson alleges that “Andrew passed out after taking ‘G,’ a drug many gay men use recreationally during sex for its euphoria-inducing properties. However, it can be dangerous as the drug’s concentration and strength can be random and mostly unknown. Mixed with alcohol, it can make you go unconscious or induce a coma.

Dyson, who was also found unconscious in the bathroom, further alleges he accidentally overdosed after hours of watching over Gillum, who overdosed first. A third man, who did not know Gillum, called the police. He arrived at the hotel room for his “appointment,” to find a den of overdosed, naked debauchery, and potentially life-threatening circumstances for both Gillum and Dyson.

Dyson claims to be the misunderstood victim here, though many in the public are still convinced he was involved in a setup. He proclaims all he tried to do was be a friend and help Gillum that night. That sounds nice, but it doesn’t jive with his admission of being the one who took the photos of a nude, unconscious Gillum that wound up on the internet.  

I mean, really? With friends like that … you know the rest. Andrew Gillum left politics in April 2020 and his future professional aspirations as yet are unannounced.


From Gillum’s bombshell interview with Tamron Hall

Read More On This Story At Radar Online

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  1. Someone’s lying here, and I’m leaning more towards Gillum. He has way more to lose besides his political aspirations. So he likes “D”, no big deal, I don’t judge anyone’s sexual preference. Tyson’s story is easier to track via social apps, emails, texts between the two if any. Also, he’s a paid escort, and advertises as such. I don’t think anybody in their right mind would hire an escort multiple times just to talk. Gillum just needs to come clean. He will have a huge weight lifted off his shoulder and can now live freely to do as he pleases. He has three kids, so it’s more than likely he’s not having sex with his wife, that’s why he turned to male escorts. I don’t believe one thing in the Hall interview. Just a coverup and half assed apology to his wife.


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