Andrew Scott Opens Up About Being “Encouraged” Not to Come Out

Andrew Scott recently opened up about the advice that he was given by people in the entertainment industry prior to him publicly coming out.

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“I was encouraged, by people in the industry who I really admired and who had my best interests at heart, to keep that [to myself],” he told GQ.


The 47-year-old Irish actor added,

“I understand why they gave that advice, but I’m also glad that I eventually ignored it.”

He continued by admitting that talking about his sexuality can be “a little bit exhausting.”

“Sometimes I find the prurient nature of the way we talk about it a little bit exhausting. It’s both very important to talk about and sometimes I feel like I wish we didn’t [end] up talking about it,” Scott expressed.


In 2013, he publicly came out, ultimately ignoring other people’s advice for him to keep his sexuality to himself. Growing up as gay, the ‘Fleabag’ actor further shared:

“I had a very happy childhood. But there’s an inevitable pain that you have to go through when you have to take a risk telling your family something about yourself.”

Moreover, Scott is starring alongside Paul Mescal in the upcoming LGBTQ+ romance-fantasy film, ‘All of Us Strangers’, which is set to be released on December 22.


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  1. I will say sadly I think that happens to the majority of gay famous people. Strongly urged or downright forbidden to come out as gay, or even worse have “beards” to hide or throw off the scent of them being gay.


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