Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Literally SPILL About Sex

‘Watch What Happens Live’ was in for a V spicy interview on Monday night with the show’s host Andy Cohen talking about all things sex with Gayle King and bestie Anderson Cooper.

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It all started with some quickfire questions between Cohen and King, and the topic got increasingly raunchy (and interesting TBH) 😉 Questions like “would you make a sex tape?” and “do you like baby talk [in the bedroom]?” were asked, but one particular question caught them off guard.


Cooper was asked about his thoughts on “bringing a third into the bedroom,” to which he responded with a resolute no. His answer then prompted Cohen to tease him.

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“Oh really? I forgot we’re on TV,” the talk show host jokingly stated.

But wait, there’s more! King joined the juicy exchange, asking Cohen:


“Andy, can I ask why you know that Anderson is open to threesomes in the bedroom?”

Meanwhile, Cooper was in the middle of sipping on his soda when King dropped the question, making him do a spit take. 

“You OK, dear?” King asked Cooper, followed by:

“Clean up on aisle three!”

On the other hand, Cohen, who was at a loss for words for a few seconds, admitted:


“The control room is freaking out in my ear because they know I’m silently freaking out.”

And then he finally answered King’s bombshell of a question with a witty response:

“Just because… mother’s intuition!”

You can watch the spicy interview here:



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