Andy Cohen asks Colton Underwood A Very Personal Question.

Watch What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen is not your average talk show. Bravolebrities mingle with Academy Award winners, the drinks are flowing, games are played. Bravo Andy also asks the questions no one else asks, like recently asking Icona Pop which song she wrote has made her the most money. And obviously there are certain questions that should never be asked. Poor Joslyn Fox learned that the hard way on season six of RuPauls Drag Race. The wonk wonk contestant asked country singer Georgia Holt, mother to our her stance on abortion. It was cringeworthy. That brings us to Wednesday March 9th episodes with Colton Underwood, who is on yet another reality show. I guess after three stints with the Bachelor franchise, and his own Netflix reality show journaling his life after publicity coming he still hasn’t gotten famous enough.


I have lots of friends who enjoyed the show, and are frankly surprised about my stance on him and the show. He hated being gay so much he signed up three different times to be on the biggest straight dating show in the world. I don’t hate the guy, I am actually going to be going to bat for him in this article, plus he came off pretty likable during WWHL.

Do I think the idea of Colton Coming Out might have been a little tone-deaf.  YES.  I am most surprised that Olympic skier and hottie Gus Kenworthy signed on to it. He was MIA during the press tour, doing zero interviews and promotions. And yes I love Gus. But I digress. lol (And please don’t come for me because I think Colton Underwood is beyond desperate to be famous. Good for him.)


Andy Cohen asked the former Bachelor if he is a top or bottom. Damn AC this isn’t Grindr. I am a proud and loud bottom,  owning it and announcing it it to the world here! Would I be taken aback if someone I just met asked me at a dinner party? Probably. It’s none of your business. At least’s not as bad heteroes asking gay couples “which one is the wife?” FYI in case you are wondering Underwood is versatile. He is very good looking I will say that, see I don’t hate him.

I unscientifically posed this question to friends over the weekend to gauge who thinks what.  Let’s see where the queer community stands on this, 

“Is it ever ok to ask if someone is a top or bottom on live tv?”


Mare, 50, who works in real estate thinks, 

“No way it’s too personal. Would you ask a straight person if they did anal.”

Mark, 60, a longtime volunteer with God’s Love We Deliver, in the West Village, echoes those sentiments,

 “Why would it be more appropriate to ask a gay celebrity about his sexual behavior when it would be unthinkable to ask Meryl Streep what turns her on in the bedroom.”


Eric, 44, a teacher who has been teaching abroad for the past few years, thinks asking the question is part of a bigger problem,

“I think it’s a bit strange in an era where we acknowledge that gender is fluid to be talking about sexual inclinations and activities as fixed identities. I think it’s internalized homophobia and misogny. The idea that one partner in a gay relationship has to be the woman.”


Daddy Hank who lives on the lower East Side in Manhattan told me,

“that’s bizarre, but not surprising. I’m a gay man and proud of it. But I don’t understand those gay boomers who don’t understand that a certain degree of privacy is something people of all sexual orientations deserve. Would Andy Cohen ask Michelle Obama on TV if she prefers missionary style or doggy style?”

Colton Underwood hasn’t been gay long enough to know you can’t ask that question. Each of the other four people I polled and myself all would have told him “you can’t ask that question,” or just say I am not answering that. What do you think Instincters? Have you ever been asked that question at a completely inappropriate time? How did you handle it? Sound off in the comments below. And check out the segment from WWHL below.

14 thoughts on “Andy Cohen asks Colton Underwood A Very Personal Question.”

  1. I just think this is a rude question to ask anyone unless you’re about to sleep with that person. But Colton answered it and that is on him. If is was me, I would’ve turned that question back on Andy. I would’ve said, “Ask your partner.” LOL

    • It’s akin to asking who is the woman in the relationship. Honestly when Cohen saw who he was with and that he would want Chris Harrison to be his bachelor, I think he felt like he had a shot.

  2. Ok so, i don’t understand what the attraction is for a show that is actually really bad. AC is an obnoxious host, person, not funny and always offensive

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  4. At the end of the day Colton has the right to answer or not simple.
    Andy Cohen is a TV Talk Show Host so of course they will ask private and personal questions.

    If he had asked me that question I would have answered “ you would have to sleep with me to find out the answer you seek wit a Big Grin 😄

  5. For a media outlet that I presume exists to uphold values of inclusion, the “boomer” comment is repugnant. It’s ageist and succeeds only in dividing and othering people. It’s bullying. And for record, Andy Cohen is not a boomer.

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  7. WE all know that Andy Cohan always asks inappropriate questions, that’s why people watch WWHL, so it’s not surprising. I’m glad that Colton answered, that made him the top for sure.

  8. I don’t think it’s taboo , celebrities have been asked so many sexual questions for decades. Maybe it’s taboo because he’s gay?

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