Andy Cohen Asks Matt Bomer What Gets Him Excited In The Bedroom. Oh, We’re Listening!

Knowing what turns your partner on is always a good thing.  It gives you the power to get them all hot and bothered and who doesn't want to please his partner. Some of us find those special buttons to push by exploring, maybe even finding one or two our partner doesn't even know he had.  Others do the smart thing and ask for sometimes those hot spots or types of kink may never be found by sexploration. 

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I'm a fan of a good conversation about sexual turn ons.  I mean, the conversation itself gets me going. So when Andy Cohen sunk his interviewing talons into Matt Bomer recently to ask "Does It Give You A Boner, Matt Bomer?" I perked up.

I don't get the chance to watch Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on television so I rely on subscribing to the YouTube channel. This was one clip I was definitely going to watch.

Andy Cohen asks actor Matt Bomer what things give him the hots when it comes to bedroom behavior including threesomes, candles, and roleplay.



No, of course this does not make Matt Bomer more attainable, but it does make him more real, more personable, and even a little hotter if possible. 

Thanks Andy and Matt for the arousing conversation.

Does Matt Bomer give you a boner? Here is a compilation someone made of Matt's hottest scenes.



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