Andy Cohen Gushes Over Harry Hamlin’s Gorgeous…

Former Sexiest Man Alive Harry Hamlin – still looking handsome and sexy at 71 – stopped by the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse last night to plug his latest hit series, AMC’s Mayfair Witches.


The conversation veered away from the supernatural and more into drama drama drama as the host quizzed Hamlin on all things Beverly Hills Housewives. Hamlin is married to RHOBH icon Lisa Rinna, who just announced her departure from the show after eight chaotic, dramatic, fun-filled seasons of owning it.

The highlight of the episode had to be Cohen getting to finally get a taste of Harry Hamlin’s…BOLOGNESE SAUCE! 




RHOBH fans know all about Harry Hamlin and his now infamous sauce. A quick recap of all the dramas courtesy of Screenrant,

“During the RHOBH season 11 reunion, Lisa brought up a point of contention with Garcelle regarding the sauce. Despite personally dropping off the jar of Bolognese to Garcelle’s house, the Love Me as I Am author failed to text Harry a thank-you note. Garcelle was confused because she had personally thanked both Lisa and Harry in person when they had given her the Bolognese. For some reason, Lisa didn’t think it was good enough, and their argument became a huge point of contention between them.”


Without further ado, here is what Andy Cohen had to say about this much-talked-about bolognese sauce!

Think Hamlin should market and sell the sauce? Bolognese Sauce and Rinna Rose? Do you always refer to him as ‘Harry Hamlin’ like Rinna lovingly has every single time she mentions his name? every. single. time. #harryhamlin

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Sources: Screenrant

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