Andy Cohen Hits Back At Twitter Trolls For NYE Performance

My Instinct colleague Ryan Shea reported yesterday about the flack Bravo host Andy Cohen received for his co-hosting appearance on CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage with Anderson Cooper.

I’ll admit Cohen isn’t my cup of tea, either. I find him to be a bit self-serving most of the time.

BUT – I will say I love a good come-back on social media. And it turns out Mr. Cohen isn’t shy about firing off some sassy slap backs.

So just to add a little balance here on Instinct, here’s a few of Andy Cohen’s more tasty retorts.

First up, actor and right-wing loon James Woods (who has his own rather troublesome dating issues) criticized Cohen and Cooper for the way they handled some celebratory on-air shots.

Woods tweeted video of the men drinking with a homophobic “Men in 2019…” caption that dripped in condescension.

Cohen retweeted with his own short and sweet version: “Assholes in 2019…".



Here's a few more bon mots from Cohen:

Here's Cohen practically patting the Twitter user on the head:

And my absolute favorite comeback by ebullient Andy:


(Source: Twitter/@Andy)

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