Andy Cohen Shares He & Anderson Cooper Are ‘Eskimo Brothers’

On last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen revealed that he and bestie Anderson Cooper are ‘eskimo brothers.’

Ok, so who knows what that means? Show of hands, please…

While playing a game of “One, Two, AC,” the duo demonstrated how much they know about each other by answering personal questions simultaneously.

Cynthia Bailey, of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, played the role of game show hostess.

The first question was pretty tame: “What is Andy’s favorite food to eat while stoned?”

Andy said ‘Everything, but Anderson replied, ‘Doritos!’

And apparently, Andy likes to lick the cheese coating off before getting to the crunch.

Then, Bailey queried, “What’s the one thing people don’t know about the two of you? Oh, this should be good.”

Anderson trips up thinking of an answer but Andy announces, “That we’re eskimo brothers.”

Anderson, totally confused, asked, “What???”

Bailey didn’t seem to know either.

Andy told the two, “You’ve gotta look it up on the urban dictionary, I can’t say on the show.”

Anderson, still in shock, stammers, “I don’t even know if that’s true!”

Andy reaffirmed the ‘brotherhood’ saying, “It’s true – we just found this out a few weeks ago.”

The Urban Dictionary defines the term ‘eskimo brothers’ as “When two males acknowledge having been intimate with the same female and remain on good terms, the men are now bonded by having shared the same igloo at one time or another.”

In other words, when two guys have had sex with the same person. 

Alrighty, then. Who reading this knew that already?

The game did continue with Bailey asking "If Anderson were an animal, what kind of animal would it be?"

And the boys both nailed it: a sloth.


By the way, Gay Star News points up that the term ‘eskimo’ is actually considered a derogatory term.

Watch the revelation below.



(h/t Gay Star News)

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  1. Generations of Vanderbilts

    Generations of Vanderbilts would much rather Anderson Cooper was brothers with an actual Eskimo (or Inuit) instead of the horrid Cohen. 


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