Andy Cohen Slams Hater On Instagram By Calling Them A ‘Bossy Bottom’

Credit: Andy Cohen Instagram

Andy Cohen has been making the best out of the Coronavirus situation by working from home like millions of others are currently doing. The Watch What Happens Live host left little to the imagination when he showed off his at-home fashions by posting an Instagram pic of him in a fluffy robe on Wednesday, March 18. 


“Day 3 of Radio-from-home, and I’m no longer getting dressed for work..,” he captioned the photo of him chilling behind his desk. Previous photos of the 51-year-old showed him looking somewhat workplace appropriate from the comfort of his NYC residence but that appears to be in the past for now in favor of something much more comfortable and revealing. Check out that, um, indent folks. Could be just the way his ensemble fits his body or it could be something eggplant related. Who knows. 


He also managed to bring out his shady side by throwing quite the jab at one of his followers. Rumors of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 10 trailer being released today was spread throughout the interwebs this week where one fan point blank asked him where it is and called him a “liar” as a result. Andy’s response? “Midday, you bossy bottom!” Oh snap!

So a picture of sexy, hairy chested Andy mixed in with a clever clap back all in one day? Sign us up! 

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