Andy Cohen Spotted on Gay Apps After Becoming a First-Time Father

Just because you’ve had a baby doesn’t mean your love or sex life is dead!





Mornings are my new jam #ThreeWeeksOld

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Andy Cohen, who welcomed his first child named Benjamin last month via surrogate, has been spotted on a variety of gay apps per a source at Page Six.

“He uses a picture of his chest as his main image and refers to himself as ‘Coach Taylor,’” their source claimed. That name is a Friday Night Lights reference, as Coach Eric Taylor was played by actor Kyle Chandler on the former NBC primetime series.


“He had a secondary black-and-white shot of himself on a yacht,” the source also claimed. The apps Andy has allegedly been seen on are popular ones like Scruff and Grindr. “I saw (his profile) last week and it was active that day.”





Big day for my boy! #QueenOfTheMorning #KingOfLateNight #CollegeRoommate

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Andy got back to working days after he became a dad on February 4, 2019. He’s hosted several episodes of his hit late-night show Watch What Happens Live in New York City (where he calls home) and still appears to have an active social life on top of that. His newborn son has also met several of his A-list friends, including Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper.

So, nothing wrong with a little dating and fun on the side while figuring out the world of being a dad.

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  1. He may be a┬ádad, but he’s

    He may be a dad, but he's still young, good looking and has enough f-you money to keep all these bitter queens falling over one another to get to him. He was a trainwreck on NYE, and he could stand to clean up his act a bit. But I still think he's awesome. 

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