Andy Cohen Talks Juggling Fatherhood & Dating With The Stern Show

Currently, Andy Cohen continues to be this generation’s iteration of Andy Warhol (The Andy Warhol Diaries are a a strong influence on Cohen by the way). While many are waiting with baited breath to hear what he has planned for a palate-cleansing season of The Real Housewives of New York City (with a brand new cast and a legacy series featuring OG cast members) among other Bravo tidbits, Cohen is getting used to being the parent of two children; (Cohen’s daughter Lucy arrived in April of this year, while his son Ben made his debut in February 2019). 


While Cohen takes to social media to share some of the more humorous moments of parenthood with two little ones under the age of five, he got personal with Gary Dell’Abate and Rahsaan Rogers on Sirius XM’s Stern Show Summer School (Cohen is a loyal Stern Show fan and was annointed ‘Top Gay’ by Howard Stern himself). Cohen confessed that dating as a parent of two little ones can be “emotionally chaotic” and that his priorities have definitely shifted since he became a parent. “Dating is another story because you know, I haven’t, there are two kinds of people, people that you wanna date and people that you…” Rogers filled in the sentence for Cohen saying “People that you wanna bang.” Cohen laughingly responded “Thank you. Thank you, Rahsaan,” going on to say “Okay. So the answer is the dating thing that, you know, I have had some dates.”

Between his own SiriusXM show Andy Cohen Live (on his self named channel Radio Andy) and Watch What Happens Live, Cohen is frequently an open-book, sharing almost everything about his professional and private life. One thing fans apparently didnt know though, was that Cohen recently had a boyfriend that had gotten to meet little Ben Cohen. Cohen said “You know what, actually, this is someone who had met my son. I was on a vacation with my son,” he said. “And I had met this guy when I was on vacation. And so he actually had met him.” “I just vibed it out when the time felt right,” he added.

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