Andy Cohen’s Most Awkward Moment on His Talk Show Is…

For almost ten years, Andy Cohen has been giving us some jaw-dropping moments on his late night talk show Watch What Happens Live.  Which one sticks out, however, as his most awkward to this day?  It has to do with him asking a very famous basketball player just how big his package really is.

“I try to be the guy in late night who goes there and asks the things that other people want to but won’t," he recently told PEOPLE, which he clearly has in the past, especially when he had Shaquille O'Neal on back in 2014.

During the infamous "Plead the Fifth" round, where he asks celebrities somewhat invasive questions about their personal lives, he went right for the jugular (or the pants region this time around), when he flat out asked how big Shaq's d**k is.

This was something he really didn't want to do, but was evidently egged on by his staff.  "I was scared. It was on my mind all day. And then I came to work and I said, ‘I can’t ask him this. And they were like, ‘Oh, you’re asking!’"

Shaq definitely took the question in stride, even though Andy looked absurdly uncomfortable.  The former Lakers player demonstrated just how (potentially) big he is by putting his size 23 shoe next to his crotch area.  We can dream, right?

See the clip below for its sheer awkwardness:




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