Andy West Talks Naked Magicians , Body Image, And New YouTube Channel.

Public nudity?  Some of us live for it while others would rather die.  There are actors that stay away from roles because of nude scenes while others don't mind flashing their bits every where.  So when it comes to being self conscious about your body and having the idea of creating a YouTube video of you being naked with two other men, why the hell not.  Enter Andy West.

Some of us may not know about Andy West unless we tuned into the Big Brother UK as well as the BBC news from which he was famously fired by the organization last December when he criticized the company for nominating homophobic boxer Tyson Fury at their annual awards.

Before, during and after said event and firing, he's had a growing following.  The numbers as well grew when he Andy is about to launch his own YouTube channel called AndyVision which sees him meeting stars from around the world.  

Andy West was left blushing this week after he was persuaded to strip totally naked during a saucy interview with critically acclaimed Aussie duo The Naked Magicians. The handsome presenter, who came fourth in the reality juggernaut back in July, joined the pair at the Trafalgar Theatre in central London to chat about their cheeky stage show – but instead ended up whipping off all his clothes with just a furry bunny to hide his privates. In the clip, that can be found on his soon to be launched YouTube channel.


We first met the Naked Magicians about a year ago when they brought their world tour to Fort Lauderdale (Did You See The Naked Magicians While They Were Stateside?).  It looks like the boys sans clothes will be gearing up to bring us more pleasure soon.


‘This is one of the most excruitiatingly awkward interviews I have ever done,’ he announces at the start of the clip. ‘I was a bit nervous doing this interview, I am not particularly proud of my body and if you watch this video, you’ll see why.’ He went on: ‘I know I don’t have a good physique. I know I don’t have good muscles. I know I have weird chest hair. Oh the shame. So embarrassing.’ However, Andy eventually decided to post the interview in support of others who feel unhappy about their physiques too: ‘Most of us have normal bodies – so whatever!’

But having bravely whipped off his top to reveal lean bod, Andy comes over shy again when it comes to getting fully naked – and asks the magicians to give him a hand, demanding of them to ‘pull down my boxers!’

Later in the hilarious clip, Andy asks himself: ‘Why am I so white? Is there something weird going on about my nipples? Something strange? Are they too low down? I look like some kind of weird cowman.’ Six foot 2inch Andy has always had issues body issues but recently revealed that when he was in the Big Brother house he had managed to lose two stone in weight and planned to start toning up his body so that he could get himself some pecs. Meanwhile, he revealed this week that he is working on a witty book about his life experiences and made a pilot for gay version of The View.  







What do you think?  Is Andy West worth following

Does he have anything to be uncomfortable about?



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