Animation Short Shares Story Of How Gay Activist Bisi Alimi Became A Refugee

What is it like to be a gay refugee trying to escape a deadly homeland? That’s a story that one short video is trying to share with us.


According to Pink News, Nigerian-born Bisi Alimi was a popular actor who appeared on the Nigerian tv show, Roses and Thorns, but his popularity became his greatest enemy.

When the show’s producers realized that he was gay, they wrote him off the show. Then, many people, and news sources, started prying into his personal life. It eventually became too much for Alimi as he decided to come out through a talk show interview.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t prepared for the major backlash that would follow.

Bisi Alimi was assaulted and arrested “many times.” Once, a group of men found out where he lived, broke into his home, and then beat him. When the police came, they just accused him of “training people to be gay.”


All of this led Alimi to one conclusion. He had to leave Nigeria.

Now, Bisi Alimi acts as an advocate for gay rights and even created a short animation film,  with the help of, to share more details about his struggles, his coming out, and his flight from Nigeria.

You can watch the animation short down below.

h/t: Pink News

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