Another Benefit to Pumping Iron

Science Shows Something Surprising About People Who Lift Weights


… is the title of a recent article by Matt Essert of MicIn his entry, Matt points to another benefit to working out, more than just the obvious increase in muscle mass.


In November, Georgia Tech researchers will publish their findings that pumping iron for just as little as 20 minutes a can increase memory.


"Such physiological benefits could be attributed to exercise in general, but the study's authors chose to focus solely on aerobic exercise in the form of weightlifting and did notice particular neurological improvements that hadn't before been associated with other exercise. And from that, it was clear that even a short 20 minute session of weightlifting can make a real different." difference.


The study was done with 46 young adults with an average age of 20.  Me being a 40 year old man, would I have to do 40 minutes a day?  I think this study should be repeated at 20 year intervals, using 40, 60, and 80 year olds to see if Georgia Tech's findings are true for all ages.  Could this be an activity that the elderly should be doing?  Any implications to Alzheimer's?

What do you guys think?  Have you noticed when you miss the gym for a day, week, month, year, that your memory slacks off as well?

You can go to Matt Essert's article here or read the abstract of the Georgia Tech study here.

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