Another Dating App Meetup Has College Student Hospitalized From Gruesome Attack

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Dahmer Inspired Slasher Attacks His Teenage Grindr Date In A Potential Hate Crime In Louisiana

Lafayette, Louisiana is home to college student and progressive activist, Holden White, an openly gay eighteen-year-old. His summer, thus far, has been spent in quarantine, protesting for equality in the streets, and for the past month, he had been chatting up another teen on Grindr. Over this past weekend, White decided to take the chat offline and set up a physical meeting with the nineteen-year-old chat buddy. Unbeknownst to White, his Grindr date, Chance Seneca was a fan of the serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer.


According to The Advocate, Seneca met White offline and proceeded to attack him and left him for dead in a bathtub. White was discovered with stab wounds to his neck, strangulation wounds, blunt force trauma to his head, and cuts to his wrists so horrifying his limbs were nearly severed. Police arrested Chance Seneca who was still at the scene when police arrived. He was booked into the Lafayette jail on a charge of attempted second-degree murder. He’s still there, in lieu of $250,000 bond. There is currently no timeline on how long White was tortured for. As of yesterday, White was only able to communicate to authorities with facial expressions, eye movement, nods of yes and no, and shrugging of shoulders. White’s family is trying to charge Seneca with a hate crime, despite the two meeting on a LGBTQ dating app.

White’s family feels Seneca’s connection and fandom of Dahmer may have led him to carry out his heinous act. Rayette Gaspard, the victim’s mother, says she believes it was a hate crime, because the suspect’s Facebook profile picture is Jeffrey Dahmer, and her son is gay.

You’re probably familiar that notorious gay serial killer Dahmer who dismembered 17 men and boys and also performed necrophilia and cannibalism on his ill-fated victims. Dahmer is notoriously cited as one of America’s biggest serial killers – he has had feature films about him and endless True Crime documentaries. Pyschopaths idolizing serial killers is something that has existed for decades, so the argument White’s family is giving is not necessarily a stretch. Currently, the Lafayette Police Department is not labeling the crime as a hate crime.

White is on path to the road of recovery. In the meantime, his family has started a GoFundMe in his honor which has ranked over $46K. A recent update to the GoFundMe page states:

JUNE 22, 2020 by Faith Roussel, Organizer
Holden has shown signs of awareness!! He has answered yes or no questions with his head. He has shrugged his shoulders and he has moved his legs! God is so good!! We are so overwhelmed with the outpouring of love, prayers and donations! Thank you all so very much! Holden is still in ICU on the vent but things are looking much more promising! Love you all

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