Another Florida Teen Attacks Family. WTF Is Going On?

On August 17th we reported on a Florida teen attacking and killing a couple, an act that still baffles investigators, Teen Kills Couple, Stabs Neighbor, And Chews One Victim's Face. reports that the teen, Austin Harrouff is now out of his coma, but there hasn't been any new information about the attack.



Magical powers? Drugs?  An alien?  Seriously.  Why don't we have an answer about this 11 day old crime.  Now, there's another instance coming out of the same area of the state.

Martin County Sheriff's Office's Facebook Page had the following post this morning, and no, it is not the same guy.


Early this morning, Martin County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a 911 call at a residence on SE Orchid Street about the homeowner and her son fighting off a male stranger. The intruder had jumped through their front plate glass window.

When deputies arrived, they found a 19 year old male being held down by the homeowner’s adult son. During the fight, the intruder displayed extreme strength and a high tolerance to pain. The homeowner and her son struggled to control him. The victim struck the intruder in the head with a baseball bat several times. Arriving deputies were able to restrain the subject, who was too violent to be placed in the rescue helicopter. He was transported via MCFR to the hospital for treatment. The intruder is currently in stable condition.

During the initial investigation deputies interviewed the subject's friend, who stated they had ingested methylone and acid. He took the deputies to a house on Normandy Avenue, where the remaining narcotics were seized. The picture below shows what encapsulated methylone looks like.

The female victim in this attack was injured by flying glass, but has since been released from the hospital. The son was unharmed.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office will release updates on this case, as they become available.

Is this the same thing that happened with Harrouff?

We would love to know.  It's scary out there.

pictures from Martin County Sheriff's Facebook page.

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