Another Homophobic Attack in NYC As Hate Crimes Keep Rising

Screen capture from cell phone video

In yet another brutal homophobic attack that is becoming all too commonplace these days a 22-year old man was attacked on the A train in New York City by a man screaming “I am sick of all you fags!” The horrific attack was caught on camera by a bystander. 


The hate crime happened on March 19th just before 2:30pm as the A train was heading northbound and arrived at West 190th Street. According to the Daily Mail

“The attack started when the attacker sat across from a random passenger and, believing him to be gay, began muttering that he ‘wished he brought [his] pepper spray’ before spitting at him. This prompted the man to stand up and move, but the assailant ‘charged’ him and ‘grabbed him by the hair before punching him several times in the face and head’, the NYPD said.”

Screen capture from cell phone video

The assailant, who is still on the run, ripped hair from the victim’s head as he screamed again, “I am sick of all you fags.” The victim was transported to the hospital for cuts to his head where he remained in stable condition before being released.


This attack comes on the heels of the murder of Michelle Go, 40, killed when she was pushed onto the tracks by Simon Martial, 61, a schizophrenic homeless ex-con.

Subway crime is on the rise forcing New York City Mayor Eric Adams to create the Subway Safety Plan, supposedly to curb violence, but it does not seem to be making any sort of difference.

As a New Yorker who takes the subway almost daily it is frightening to hear about yet ANOTHER attack. The unsafe feeling you get while underground happens more often than not, and discussions with friends have centered on that feeling much more often lately. I make sure I am never alone in a subway car, no matter the time of day.


The identity of the person from the March 19th attack is still unknown. NYPD has put out an urgent request for information – and is offering a $3,500 reward. Please call 800-577-TIPS with any information. You can also get in touch via the Crime Stoppers website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM, or on Twitter @NYPDTips.

Image of assailant taken from video



Here is the whole video as presented by DailyMail


Sources: Daily Mail

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  1. I can’t stand that there are so many anti-gay hate crimes. I hear of one every week it makes me so angry and sad.


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