Another ‘Karen’ Blocks Entrance As Black Driver Attempts Food Delivery

This week on “Karen’s Gone Wild,” Postmates delivery driver, Jordan Gipson, is the latest black person just trying to survive another “attack” of an untamed “Karen” in the suburban wilderness.  


It all started when Gipson attempted to deliver food to a condo building in Los Angeles and was met by a woman who began to taunt him for wearing a mask across his nose and mouth, as recommended to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Without provocation, as Gipson reached to buzz the tenant to whom he was delivering food, Crypt Keeper Karen became confrontational asking what he was doing there, and refusing to let him pass to get into the building. The haggard, dead-straw haired Karen’s sentiments were made immediately clear when she referenced Gipson’s mask and asked him, “Why are you wearing that thing? Is this a holdup?”

Gipson began to record the encounter which agitated the woman more. He continued to record however, telling the woman it’s so she doesn’t do what Karens do so often, which is to weaponize a fraudulent 911 call against an innocent black person. He further explains to the woman that he is just trying to do his job, which is one of three, and he’s delivering food from a restaurant owned by his mother. Karen would hear none of it.  To her, he was just a scary black guy in a mask and she wanted him gone.


See, make no mistake about it. This is a prime example. If ALL lives REALLY mattered in this country, black people would not keep going through encounters like this one and even worse.

This woman’s insults grew more incendiary and disgusting, but trying to explain this level of crazy, I clearly would fall short. So I’ll let you see and hear it for yourself – in her own words.

I will say, though, that Jordan Gipson is a wonderful young man, kind enough to maintain respect to this elder woman as she cursed and mocked him declaring, “I don’t want someone like you in my building” – a someone she had never met before.

Jordan Gipson/ Instagram

This kid deserves a medal for patience. And Crypt Keeper Karen? She deserves whatever gets when she tries this mess one day with someone who is far less forgiving than Jordan Gipson.

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