Another Netflix Family Show Adds A Gay Character

Screenshot via Twitter @Netflix

Netflix fans were caught off-guard (and without their tissues) after a character on one of their family sitcoms came out as gay.

Netflix has its fair share of family shows and comedies under its belt. While the streaming platform recently let One Day At A Time go, there are still plenty of other family-focused sitcoms left. One such show is No Good Nick, about a family being targeted by a teenaged con artist.

One day,13-year-old Nick appears in front of the family, led by Melissa Joan Hart’s Liz, and says she’s a distant relative sent there to stay. But in actuality, she was sent by her imprisoned father to exact revenge on the family that betrayed her own.

But of course, the storyline is presented in the same light comedic atmosphere of shows of past like Full House or Family Matters. And with those types of shows always came emotional moments of character growth and family bonding. An episode in the latest season release of No Good Nick gave us just that.

In an emotional scene in the ninth episode of Part 2 titled, “The Box Job,” Jeremy Thompson (played by Kalama Epstein) plans how he’ll come out to his mother Liz and sister Molly. Sadly, things do go as planned, and Jeremy thinks nothing is working out for him.

While Jeremy is wracked with fear around coming out, his family accepts him with open arms.

“We love you, and we are proud of you,” says Liz. “I’m so glad you told us.”

You can watch part of the scene down below.

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