Another One?! Amy Klobuchar Drops Out Of 2020 Race

Image via the Klobuchar Campaign

Klobuchar too!

Less than 24 hours since South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the presidential race, Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar has just announced her similar departure.


During her campaign, Klobuchar marketed herself as a pragmatist who could be a more effective president than her progressive peers. In addition, Klobuchar boasted about favor in the Trump districts of Minnesota.

“I have the receipts. I have won every race, every place, every time,” she told voters at several campaign events.

Klobuchar also announced her plans to focus on the “nation’s heartland.” She pledged to use her status and power as a Midwesterner. She wanted Democrats to beat President Trump by nominating someone appealing to voters in states like Michigan and Wisconsin. She was right to make that claim, as both of those states backed Barack Obama before flipping to Trump. Their votes will be crucial in November.


But despite a promising vision and a surprise third-place finish in New Hampshire this February, her campaign never gained much traction. Klobuchar’s campaign was unprepared and unorganized in several states like Nevada and South Carolina. In addition, her campaign failed to gain the interest of Black and Latino voters (a similar problem with the Buttigieg campaign). Lastly, she placed fifth in Iowa. It appears these continued setbacks led to Klobuchar’s announcement.

According to NBC News, Amy Klobuchar announced her departure from the presidential race to staff early Monday. But that’s not all. According to her campaign, Klobuchar is flying out to Dallas later today. She apparently plans to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden at a rally in Dallas tonight. This mirrors news coming from Reuters, which reports that Buttigieg is planning to endorse Joe Biden as well.


While it may seem suspicious that both Buttigieg’s and Klobuchar’s announcements came less than 24-hours apart and that both announced plans to support Biden, Biden denies any background dealing’s. As he told NBC News, “There is no official policy to try and talk other people out of the race. I think that’s a judgment for them to make. I’d resent being told, you know, well let’s consolidate, you get out.”

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