Another Reason To Love ‘Grease 2’ – Male Wardrobe Malfunction

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‘Grease 2,’ a movie considered one of the worst sequels of all time, and at the same time widely considered a cult classic gives us another reason to love it. And it’s probably the last reason you would guess! If you are a fan of gratuitous male nudity have we got something to show you.

Lets rewind a bit and start from the beginning of the story. On May 8 Justin Root, an actor and writer tweeted “I spotted a wardrobe malfunction in Grease 2,” accompanied by a scene from the movie. The scene is at the beloved Rydell High school on the school track at afternoon practice. During the scene multiple students can be seen running and jumping hurdles. On the left side of the screen, one hurdler in white shorts – sans underwear – should have been a little more careful. (if you have seen ‘Grease 2’ dozens of times like I have, do not kick yourself for not spotting this, Root slows down the video and adds an arrow pointing to said malfunction!) Watch the video below to see for yourself! 



The tweet and video has been viewed almost 200,000 times! Fans commenting on the tweet are definitely here for this hidden gem of perfection! Qouting one of the more famous lines from the movie, multiple fans have tweeted, “If you can’t be an athlete be an athletic supporter!” 







“Grease 2” was released in 1982 and flopped at the box office making only 15.2 million, a small number even back then. The film barely earned enough to cover the cost of filming. Reviewers were not kind to the film, with Rotten Tomatoes labeling it a “horrible sequel to the original.” However, since then the film has achieved cult classic level status. Like many movies that flopped at the box office, the invention of the VHS tape gave the movie a second chance. Frank C., 55, a fundraiser who lives in Manhattan, said that, 

“it was one of the first movies that played on HBO regularly, we watched it ALL THE TIME!”

Chris Clegg, creator of the Cool Rider stage show {the song was originally performed by soon-to-be movie star and three-time Academy Award nominated actress Michelle Pfeiffer in the film} explained the appeal of the movie to the BBC


“Grease 2 had always been there when I was growing up, but it was probably my mid-teens when I got hooked on it. Like a lot of young gay boys, I gravitated to that camp strong female lead. Michelle Pfeiffer, in her pedal pushers, not listening to the men but just out there being her own badass… she was a bit of a feminist icon.”

I know that a re-watching of “Grease 2” is definitely in my near future! And because it’s such a great scene, I leave you with Michelle Pfeiffer as Stephanie Zinone searching for her cool rider! What about you Instincters, sound off in the comments below and tell us your favorite musical number from this much loved, sometime hated, cinema classic!


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  2. It’s on YouTube and I watched it again recently. The opening number is absolutely terrific, and then the story starts and the picture just dies. I had never watched the whole thing, but I was doing other things and left it on. It’s really a terrible movie, but there are fun moments in it. I later saw Max Caulfield in a play off Broadway, and at one point he took his shirt off. Woof! And he’s been with Juliet Mills for decades. Good for both of them!


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