Another Round of Friday Five to Bring Us Musically Into the Weekend

We’ve been sent hundreds of great singles by up-and-coming LGBTQ artists which, for this week, we’ve assembled the following list of total bangers. Let us know if these strike a chord with you.

1: LEONE – Kiss Em Bye Bye


A Brooklyn-based LGBTQ act, somewhere between the Killers and Wrabel. From their 2nd album “GTFOH”, they managed to really hone in on their “identity” sound. It’s a great number, it was released yesterday, and it opens the door for you to want more.

2: Kris Baha – Nothing is Real

Having seen Ministry and Front Line Assembly last week, I am enjoying Industrial music as of late. Coming in at number 2 is Chris Baha. Turn the lights down, turn the strobes on, turn the music up, and DANCE AWAY.
Soundcloud Link


3: Ghost Love – Temple in the Sky
These cats are from my old stomping grounds of Montreal, Canada. They deliver a nice low-intensity electro-pop. Grabbing the late ’80s feel and something to play and thinking, “Where did it all go, or did it actually go anywhere.”


4: Chris Garneau – Stranger
I got to interview this guy last year, and his work is something you keep coming back to, to look at your own life, and see if you are where you think you need to be. His mellow music kind of sneaks up on you and leaves you asking yourself a lot of questions.

5: The English Beat Р Save it for Later
I grew up listening to “The Beat”, met them countless times, and hung out with them for hours on end over the years. I only this week found out that Dave Wakeling the singer came out as bisexual in 1985, during the worst of the homophobia and the AIDS crisis going on, showing immense courage to do so back then. I love his music, and now he has a new degree of respect for me because of this “new” revelation. Cheers, Dave.

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