Anthony Rapp Called Out Victim Blaming Fans After His Kevin Spacey Accusation

If you missed the starting point of what became the demise of Kevin Spacey’s career, you might not have known that it was a fellow actor behind it.

Anthony Rapp of Star Trek: Discovery and Rent fame accused Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting him when he was 14 and Spacy was 26.

That then started a storm of accusations and stories of Spacey’s sexual misconduct in and around Hollywood that has, again, ultimately ruined the former House of Cards actor.

But now Rapp is sharing with the world some of the hate that he has received since his first statement.

Many fans have expressed outrage at Anthony Rapp for the messy ending of the Netflix show House of Cards and some even for the messy backlash that Spacey got.

That said, Rapp wasn’t going to let these angry souls have the last word. Instead, he shared their words with the world.

Rapp tweeted out a few days ago some screenshots of these angry messages saying that “these people need to be outed for their harassment.”

And he tweeted out A LOT of them.

From saying Rapp is the real villain, to asking why Rapp didn’t share his story earlier, to all other forms of victim blaming. You can check out the many messages that Rapp shined a light on down below.

Despite all of that anger, victim blaming, and hatred, Anthony Rapp did have kind words to say at the end of it all.

9 thoughts on “Anthony Rapp Called Out Victim Blaming Fans After His Kevin Spacey Accusation”

  1. Wow.  Anthony Rapp keep doing

    Wow.  Anthony Rapp keep doing what you're doing.  Loved you since Adventures in Babysitting.  Never really cared for Kevin Spacey that much.

  2. Miss Olivia de Havilland: HE

    Miss Olivia de Havilland: HE HAS GROWN GREEDIER WITH THE YEARS.THE FIRST TIME HE WANTED MY MONEY.NOW HE WANTS MY LOVE TOO. Actors are needy. Rapp wants to be embraced by strangers on the street calling him a brave hero. Like every actor I ever met,he had a self serving agenda.

  3. Would you really believe he

    Would you really believe he would be taken seriously if he had come out about it 30 years ago? Just think for a minute.

  4. I really don’t quite get why

    I really don't quite get why it took 30 years to report such an incident.  Something similar happened in my HS , a teacher made a pass at a student after school in his office. It's took the kid all of a matter of as soon as he got home to tell someone,  not 30 years.

    • It took me 25 years. And I’m

      It took me 25 years. And I'm not even an actor out for attention… You'll never understand without being in that position. And be thankful for that.


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