Anthony Rapp Had His First TV Interview Since His Kevin Spacey Accusation

Anthony  Rapp has appeared in a television interview for the first time since he accused Kevin Spacey of making sexual advances towards him when he was 14.

Rapp appeared on The Talk and said:

“I couldn’t really talk about this aspect of it in the story itself, because I could only tell my story, but I knew that there were more stories,” says Rapp when asked if his revelation had the impact he had anticipated. “So I was just hopeful that coming forward, it would encourage other people to tell the truth.”

“I knew that it was a risky thing,” Rapp continues. “I knew that he was very popular, and certainly a respected actor, but at the same time, I knew that I was trying to protect people. And I was incredibly gratified by the enormous wave of support.”

Following his example, several other victims did later come forward to accuse Spacey of sexually molesting them as well.

Another effect of the scandal was Spacey getting fired from Netflix’s House of Cards, which recently picked up production without him, and from the film All the Money in the World.

But Kevin Spacey wasn't all Rapp talked about on The Talk, Rapp shared his thoughts on making history as the first openly gay tv character in the Star Trek franchise.



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