Anti-Gay School Mandate Leads To Mass Exodus

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At least five teachers in Washington state have decided to leave their high school jobs after being told to disavow same-sex relationships.

According to the Seattle Times, the King’s interdenominational Christian school system in Shoreline, Washington is currently making headlines after several teachers quit their jobs. The teachers quit in protests after the administration sent a mandate through email telling faculty and staff to disavow same-sex couples while on the job and in their personal lives. But that’s not all, at least two families have unenrolled studies as a response to this clarified stance as well.

In response to the email, many faculty and staff members sent questions asking whether they could continue working if they didn’t agree with the stances.

“You can continue to work at King’s if you are a Christian, confirm understanding and alignment with our doctrinal statement and willingly conduct your personal life and professional role of educating our students in a manner that is not in disunity with King’s theological beliefs,” wrote King’s schools head Eric Rasmussen as a response to the questions.

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English teacher Megan Troutman chose to quit her job with the Christian school system after receiving the email. And though she now has found a job elsewhere, she admits missing some parts of her former place of employment.

“Working at King’s was an amazing experience,” said Troutman to The Seattle Times.

“However, I cannot, in good faith or conscience, teach in a place that creates policies that negatively impact an entire section of the student population,” she added. “I could not be complicit in a policy that could harm or ostracize any student.”

Speaking to local news source KIRO7, Ruthie Mogg, one of the students who left the school after this controversial announcement, says that this stance is hurting more than helping.

“They’re hurting students and they’re excluding a huge group of people who do not feel valued or that they can be themselves because of what’s been said, ” said Mogg, “There are a lot of transgender, gay and bi, students at King’s still. One transgender guy I was close with and I’m thinking who is he going to be able to go and talk to , and know who is in his corner.”

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Despite all of this controversy and pushback, the school system continues to express support of its anti-gay relationship stance. In fact, CRISTA Ministries CEO Jacinta Tegman said the following:

“When it comes to sexual expression the Bible teaches us that sexual intimacy is reserved between a marriage between one man and one woman . And we, as a faith-based Christian organization uphold that belief and teaching, ” said Tegman, “We hire people who profess to be Christians and that they would uphold the teachings of the Bile. But we serve anyone regardless of their position. If they want to be here, we want them to be here.”

Sources: The Seattle Times, KIRO

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  1. Talk to Biblical Scholars and they will tell you ALL of the homophobic crap in the bible is a concerted effort to change what was originally written and meant in the Bible. Conservatives lie as much as they breathe. It is long past time for Conservative Bigotry and Hate to lose them their non-political tax free status.

  2. Their Bible prohibits many many things which are taken for granted in this modern world. To single out sexual orientation (which is god-given at birth) and ignore the food laws, the clothing laws, the hair laws, and all the other 700 or so no-no’s is simply stupid and mean.


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