Anti-Vaxxer Shares Silly Religious Defense Against Vaccinations

Twitter – @ChristnNitemare

With all the talk about anti-vaxxers in recent news, the debate either for or against vaccinations has heated up once again. Marianne Williamson’s last appearance on Anderson Copper didn’t help; she got caught up trying to walk back much of her past anti-vax rhetoric. That rhetoric included Williamson’s assessment that illnesses are merely illusions to overcome with positive thoughts.

When it comes to vaccines, one thing is for sure; people will create all kinds of arguments to support their belief that vaccinations are dangerous, harmful, or unnecessary. A Twitter account named @ChristnNitemare offers up one of the best (and absurd) examples of the nonsense people will spew to support their anti-vax positions: Enter Jesus.

Nobody should be surprised that religion is front and center in the vaccination debate, but a young woman is getting dragged on Twitter for posting a selfie, wearing a T-shirt that reads: “Spoiler Alert … Jesus Wasn’t Vaccinated.” 

I don’t know if this woman really thinks she’s making a persuasive argument here with that message, but it’s odd considering the short life-expectancy for humans during the days of Jesus. I felt compelled to respond to her post but realized there was no need. Most gloriously, fellow Twitter users stepped up to the plate to do it for me, delivering a slew of hilarious replies to “Anti Vax Annie” (I made that name up).

The fun team over at Bored Panda compiled the top 26 Twitter responses to this Tshirt hot mess. Out of all the replies, this one is my favorite:

Twitter Reply to “Jesus Wasn’t Vaccinated”


The remaining 25 are pretty funny too Check them out. You’re welcome!

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