Antoni Porowski Flexes SEXY Bod While Enjoying Holiday in Costa Rica

Once again, Antoni Porowski has the internet on a chokehold after he posted a video clip of him getting out of the ocean, seemingly having his ‘Baywatch’ moment…

(c) Instagram: @antoni via Twitter: @onedeuxtrois

The 39-year-old Canadian TV personality is reportedly on a luxurious holiday in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, and the sun and ocean in Costa Rica certainly look good on him. In the video in question, he is wearing nothing but a pair of navy-colored swim shorts, showing off his V toned muscles.


The icing on the cake though is when Porowski was getting out of the ocean looking like a main protagonist in ‘Baywatch’ — tan, glistening wet, shirtless, and somewhat running in slowmo… (or is that just our delulu mind?) You can watch the video clip here! 😉

The ‘Queer Eye’ star posted the video via Instagram Story, and on the caption, he wrote:


“Of course I didn’t ask @ramziandstephanie to take this [with] my phone. That would be CRAZY omg.”

Aside from that, he also shared a series of photos from his vacation in Costa Rica, and you can see his full Instagram post here:


Moreover, you can see more of Porowski in ‘Queer Eye’ Season 8, which is set to arrive on Netflix on January 24.


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