Antoni Porowski Reveals His Sexual Kink?

Screenshot via YouTube @Buzzfeed Celeb

Wow, do Queer Eye fans have some dirty minds.

Now, none of us are surprised to see that Antoni Porowski, the food expert on self-help and life improvement show Queer Eye has some thirsty fans. Every time the Netflix personality posts pictures of himself in his underwear, the gay internet goes into a tizzy. But directly seeing some fan tweets thirsting after the celebrity is still pretty surprising.

And it’s Antoni himself who got that surprise when he stopped by Buzzfeed and became the latest male celebrity to take a look at what his fans were saying on Twitter. From “Wish Antoni would rip me apart like he did that giant lobster,” to “I can’t stop thinking about Antoni’s bulge,” his fans are not shy. But surprisingly, it’s Porowski who says the most surprising thing about his sex life!

Want to read and see more? Want to know what Porowski says? Well, watch the video below and see just how dirty his fans get.

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